eRoom Securities exclusively offers its customers access to The Finder.  The Finder is a real time market activity and data scanner that utilizes various modules with individual user-defined criteria to identify potential trading opportunities. All scanning modules include full-day time and sales activity which also identify trade conditions and bid/ask information by exchange.  Below are descriptions of the available modules within The Finder.

Tape Filter

  • Filtered ticker activity for U.S. based options.
  • This module is commonly used to identify trade activity in wide markets by filtering activity within a certain distance from the NBBO.

Recently Active

  • Visibility to the most actively traded option series in the last five minutes of trading.
  • This module is commonly utilized to find momentum in stocks along with unusual trading activity.

Buy Sell Imbalances

  • Buy and sell side trading activity imbalances by option class and series.
  • This module is commonly used to identify option trade imbalances using size, time to maturity and activity as a percentage of open interest providing an indication of directional momentum or unusual activity.


  • Identifies activity when an option exchange quote crosses the NBBO.
  • This module is useful at identifying opportunities to lean or interact with large orders and can provide an indication of momentum.

Stock New High/Low

  • Displays equity name and price when an option eligible equity makes a new high or low on the day.
  • This module is typically used to identify intraday momentum.

Parity Ticker

  • Shows options trading under parity utilizing the underlying stock quote.
  • This module may be useful to trade stock-option reversals and conversions as well as mispriced quoted options.

Execution Module

  • Fully integrated execution platform allows users to create order tickets directly from a module output.
  • Integrated to third party execution platforms for point and click population of execution screens – certified platforms include Sterling, Real Tick and Silexx.

Time and Sales