Material Aspects of Relationships with Route Venues

eRoom Securities LLC (“eRoom”) routes orders in equities and exchange listed options to various market participants including exchanges, executing brokers, and market makers. eRoom gives its clients the ability to direct orders to the market participant of their choice or to utilize eRoom’s smart order router(“SOR”) which makes the routing decision for the client with the objectives of obtaining best execution, protecting client anonymity, and maintaining routing redundancy. Orders sent to eRoom’s SOR are considered “non-directed” while all other orders are considered “directed”. Currently eRoom routes non-directed orders in exchange listed options to Apex Clearing and Citadel Execution Services. On some orders eRoom pays a routing or exchange fee while on other orders it receives compensation for directing order flow. This compensation constitutes payment for order flow and the amount received varies based on the specifics of the option contract traded. eRoom, upon written request, will provide information related to client orders that were routed for execution in the past six months. This information will include the market participant to which the order was routed, whether the order was directed or nondirected, and the time of the transaction, if any, that resulted from such order.